Size Charts

Sailing Gloves - Gill & Henri Lloyd

Gloves Size Size in Inches Size in CMs
Child 6" 15cm
Junior 6½-7" 16.5-17.5cm
XS 6½-7" 16.5-17.5cm
S 7-7½" 17.5-19cm
M 7½-8½" 19-21.5cm
L 8½-9½" 21.5-24cm
XL 9½-10½" 24-26.5cm
XXL 10½-11½" 26.5-29cm

How to Measure your hand
Examble shown: 8¾" = Large

To detrermine your size: measure the width of you dominant hand (since this is usually larger). Using a tape measurement, wrap the tape around the hand just below the knuckle and make a fist as shown.

Please note that this is a rough indication of the size. Adult gloves differ from children's sizes in finger length. An adult will have longer fingers than a child, even if both palms measure 6".